App Developer (Low Code)

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Seesy brings personality into the hiring process. Video applications and video job adverts allow candidates and hiring managers to be expressive, to show who they really are and to get a deep sense of who each other are before setting up meetings based on a CV often written by a third party.

Knowing the hiring process hadn’t changed from a one dimensional, impersonal, and biased solution that’s century’s old, we set out to use and embrace technology and modern social communication, and that’s how Seesy was born.

Our innovative platform has technology at its core. As we continue to develop our functionality and features within our mobiles app (iOS & Android) we are looking for someone who’s passionate about development, curious, and eager to learn to be an ambassador and guardian of our technologies. You’ll be working alongside other talented people in the tech department. You’ll solve problems with technology to make us, and the industry, smarter and better for both our clients and our candidates.

As a Low Code developer your role will revolve around:

  • Enterprise applications with minimal traditional coding needed
  • Working with three key elements: form builders, pre-built templates, drag-and-drop visual interface, entity builder
  • Researching  and analysing internal business processes with the scope of optimising and automating them
  • Building technology like a software engineer, but faster and smarter using productivity tools

Strong confidence in leading customer project engagements is essential, but this can also be gained in time, too.

If you are naturally drawn to technology and understanding it, if you’re guided by a collaborative and communicative spirit in a dynamic software development environment, then you might be a match.

But if we were to be more specific, ideally you already have:

  • Around 2 years’ experience with: technical Support, specialising in software and problem diagnosis
  • Working with customers to capture and define requirements
  • Knowledge of APIs and experience of software integration
  • Agile working practice, structured project management, and communication

Hard Skills

  • Ability to diagnose application issues and to decide what can be done with low-code instead of traditional coding (80/20 rule)
  • Intuitive about how an idea can be turned to an actual working application using drag and drop visual environment
  • Familiarity with pre-built templates, drag-and-drop visual interface, entity builder
  • Basic SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and general Web 2.0 techniques experience

Soft Skills

  • Productivity and performance focus
  • Problem-solving skills and solution-oriented attitude
  • Client-oriented and a collaborative spirit
  • Proactive attitude in automating processes as much as possible;
  • Analytical mind Creativity, open-minded attitude
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