Please see the answers to frequently asked questions below. Should you have anything which is not answered here, please contact support@seesy.co and a member of our support team will assist you.


General FAQs


What is Seesy?

Seesy is a video-based hiring platform. We connect candidates with employers using video applications. Simple!


How do I get the app?

Seesy is available to download for free on the Apple App store and the Google Play Store. Visit Seesy.co or search “Seesy” in either app store.


Is Seesy free?

Seesy is free for candidates and always will be. We may add additional premium features in the future.

Hiring partners will launch into a complimentary trial, giving them a period of hiring before having the option to move to one of our market-beating pricing plans.


How does it work?

We like to think Seesy is pretty easy to use. Simply register, create a profile, record your 60 second video “Be-Me” and then search for your next role. You can then apply to the role via video questions and send the hiring manager your Be-Me for them to review.


Can I use Seesy on desktop?

Seesy is not currently available on desktop. Sign up and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on when it’s ready.


How can I adjust my notifications?

Notifications can be adjusted using the Notification settings on your device.


Where can I use Seesy?

Seesy is currently only available in English and thus can be used in any English-speaking countries. We’re working on new languages as we speak.


Is there an age limit for using Seesy?

Seesy is completely PG, but we do ask that you only use the app if you are aged 16 or over, as per our Terms & Conditions.


When can I search candidates ?

Seesy is designed for candidates to apply to roles which appeal to them. We may introduce a candidate matching feature in coming updates.


Will my Job-vid be pushed to other boards or on social media ?

We will not post your job-vid elsewhere without your express permission. You are welcome to share the Job-vid to your owned social channels should you wish.


How long do my Job-vid posts last?

Job-vids / posts will remain active for 6 weeks from the date of creation. If you need to extend the job posting, this can be done by using or purchasing another Job-vid credit.


For Candidates


The sound isn’t working on my Be-Me

Have no fear! This is often due to permission settings for your device’s microphone. Be sure to allow Seesy permission to your Mic and Camera in your device’s settings!


How do I stop my current employer from seeing my Seesy profile?

A good question! Firstly, you can set your profile to private. Your profile and Be-Me is only visible to the hiring managers whose Job-vid you apply to.


Can anybody else see my Be-Me?

All your data is encrypted as per our data protection policy. Only you or the hiring managers/team from the roles you apply for can see your Be-Me

If for any reason a Be-Me is reported, we do have the right to view and remove it from the platform.


Is my data safe?

Of course! We might seem pretty chill here at Seesy but we do everything by the book. As per our Terms and Conditions, your data is treated securely and in accordance to GDPR regulations.


I am shy, do I have to record a Be-Me?

We hear you – not everyone is a natural presenter and that’s ok! We’d recommend heading over to the blog where you can read our tips and tricks for recording the perfect Be-Me.


How do you combat diversity prejudice on Seesy?

Diversity is hugely important to us at Seesy. We believe everybody should be made to feel accepted, valued and celebrated for exactly who they are. The joy of a video Be-Me is that you can be your authentic self from the very start.

Our platform is built to showcase as much of you as you wish to share, right from the start. Scars, smiles, goofy laughs, your natural hair, your latest tattoo, he/she/they or other – everyone is welcome to be their authentic selves should they wish to be.


How do I delete a Be-Me?

You can delete your Be-Me by heading to the “edit profile” section of the app and pressing “tap here to delete your Be-Me” at the bottom of the screen.


How do I delete my profile?

We hate to see you go, but hopefully this means you have a great new role and don’t need us (for now)! To delete your profile, please email us at support@seesy.co and submit a delete request.

If you have any feedback for us (positive or negative) please send it through to support@seesy.co!


Employers / Companies


How does pricing work?

We offer two options for our industry-leading pricing.

Pay-per-post & Subscription bundles, billed annually, paid for up-front:

Payment is made through Seesy.co in exchange for an access code to be used in-app.


How does Seesy work?

We like to think Seesy is pretty easy to use, simply register, create a profile, set up your company and start posting your Job-Vids! You can then set screening questions for each role to find out more about potential applicants.

You will then receive applications from candidates, be able to view their answers and Be-Me’s before shortlisting or declining their application.


How do I delete a job-vid?

To delete or change a video simply head to “My Jobs” and select the edit icon, from there you can delete or change as you wish.


The sound isn’t working on my Job-vid

Have no fear! This is often due to permission settings for your device’s microphone. Be sure to allow Seesy permission to your Mic and Camera in your device’s settings!


Are my Job-vids public?

Job-vids are viewable by any candidate registered on the platform. We would never share your Job-vid beyond the Seesy platform without your permission.


I have issues with my billing, who can I contact?

For any issues with billing please contact Support@seesy.co where a member of our client team will be happy to help you.


Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Subscriptions are calculated annually. Therefore, the balance of your subscription must be paid in full in the event of a cancellation.


How do I get additional login codes for my team?

Please contact the client team at Support@seesy.co to request additional user access.


I accidentally accepted a candidate, what do I do?

We have added extra steps into the app to avoid any accidental acceptances / declines. Should this happen, please use the messaging function to contact the candidate directly.


A candidate has acted inappropriately, can I report them?

Candidates and Employers are bound to our code of conduct when they agree to our Terms & Conditions. If either party has breached this code of conduct, please use the “report” function in the app or contact us at support@seesy.co


Do I have to display the Salary for my job vacancy?

Yes please! As per our Terms & Conditions, the minimum salary for the role must be displayed correctly in the job posting to ensure candidates are in the best position possible when searching.